Had a really good induction at the gym last night. The member of staff I was introduced to took me into an office first and measured me height and weight, then discussed what I wanted to achieve. I stepped on a special set of scales that analyses your body composition; this gives the gym staff a better idea of what to suggest I work on. Apparently I have very little fat on me anyway and a high water content which is all good - plus I have the metabolic rate of a 21 year old (I'm 36).

She worked out an exercise regime and then took me through all the machines she thought would be good for me - it was an hour's workout using 3 sets on each machine, and I worked through it with her support. I was using 40kg on a leg press machine first time off - might not sound much to some, but that's a huge deal for me, as I never thought I'd ever do that, so was really surprised and pleased.

I enjoyed it very much and liked all the machines I was assigned to use.

I get 2 further 'catch-up' sessions with her at two/three weekly intervals to check how things are going. Plus I have a special 'key' that goes in each machine which reminds me how high or low to set the seat so I don't have to remember. I get a parking permit for 3 car parks in the town, and my membership card gets me 10-20% discounts off certain restaurants for meals out!

The atmosphere was good - I said in an earlier post that I was always worried about going to a gym. But you know what - it wasn't very busy (it was 7pm) and everyone was just focussed on their own thing. I just got on with mine. I'm going to do this regime twice a week, then have signed up to 3 classes (cycling, yoga, weights) and will go for a swim on Sunday mornings. So that's six times a week to the gym. Plus I'll keep doing my kettle bells & planks/crunches etc. at home most days, usually when I get up before work.

My mum said this morning before I left for work that she's pleased I'm looking after myself and that I'm talking more and seem happier. Plus my friends are noticing and pointing out very positive differences.

I'm doing all this for me. It's my W's loss - she's given up a great catch!


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