Well Books-A-Million doesn't have the books in stock. Someone earlier suggested Divorce Remedy. Which book should I order? I'm going to print Sandy's rules again and read over them. Divorce Busting principles I am assuming are doing 180's and following Sandy's rules.

Detaching would be letting go of the relationship meaning not relying on her for emotional support and finding happiness within myself and living my life. Spending more time with my son and re-focusing on my job and other commitments.

GAL - Spending time away from home or doing things to grow. Ex: Going to coaching seminars and playing golf.

Any advice would help. Going to be hard as she has texted me all morning wanting emotional support etc... She called and I quickly tried to get off the phone which she did not like. I also made her sleep in the other bed last night as it helps me with letting go of the relationship. I don't trust her and really don't feel like being let down again.

I checked her phone and noticed she had used her App store very recently so I assumed she may have downloaded an App to talk with him, which is what I caught her doing last week but she didn't admit to it. She downloaded a texting app and then deleted it from her phone. She actually gave me her phone trying to be transparent but didn't think I would notice.