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Wow! What a day for her. The big boss told them to stay away from each other unless they have a meeting. The OMís wife called her and she said some really nasty things to upset her. She also stated she had a lawyer and the evidence would cost them their jobs and possibly their careers.

Iíd really hate this for my wife and our family. Maybe it was a mistake to tell the OMís wife. My wife was angry and continues to blame me. I tried to get her to leave our bed but she refused. I need her out and it will help me somewhat with moving forward.

Someone said earlier that exposure is like fireworks and it seems to be the case. Just craziness around here right now.

Maybe telling OM's wife was a mistake? Hell, you have been told so from many of us. Now your W is pissed at you for the stuff she did. She found a scapegoat in you. And as a added bonus, she is united with OM in her internal movie US vs. THE WORLD.

Now butt out from her affairs (pun intended). Not your monkey, not your circus. The more you mettle, the more you will catch heat. You have your own growing to do. Get your a$$ in gear and let her be. You cannot do anything to help her or your situation, but you sure as heII can make matters worse.