Weekend went pretty well. Her brother got married so we attended the wedding with our family. Everyone was in the wedding. Kind of hard to detach during this time.

She is catching heat at work and the big boss came to see her on Friday. She is worried to death about losing her job and everyone knowing about the situation. Itís crazy how they try to control everything but Iím the end it is inevitable that everyone will know. We live in a small town and everyone already knows. She is kidding herself to think she can control this from getting out.

The pain she is feeling now finally has her thinking more rationally. She stated she will have to get another job outside the county, well duh... She has asked me to seek couples therapy which I replied, Iím not sure the time is right for that and I was still processing all this information. She had came back to the master bedroom even though Iíve told her she needs to sleep in the other room.

She continues to get angry and place blame for me telling the OMís wife. The OMís wife has tried to contact her and finally this morning she responded back to one of her text.

As this progresses she will probably continue to blame me since I let his wife know.