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Getting a bit nervous about tomorrow afternoon

It's normal to be nervous in this situation!

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Perhaps I shouldn't reel off my list of GAL activities, even if she asks? Just give bare minimum answers if she asks 'how have things been going,' to maintin the 'mysterious' idea? She definitely will ask. And I will ask how she has been. I won't go into it much further than that though.

The first time you set a boundary can be upsetting for someone used to getting their way. Strive to hold firm on your control over your own body, and remember to focus on validating her feelings and understanding her position more than justifying yourself. These can be radically impactful 180s, since most people don't do them, the first upping her respect and the second her connection to you.

I don't know much about playing mysterious! In a similar position, I told my partner about one activity I did that week in detail (which was social but not focused on other women) and there was evidence about the place of other activities. Maybe someone else will chime in who focuses more on this.

These are ideas from 1,000+ miles away! You know your own situation. Good luck!

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