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You say standing up for yourself is a big 180. Consider thinking through how you'd deal with likely tries from her to regain control e.g., "Aren't we still friends?!", or "This is the final nail in the coffin." or "Then I'm going with a different agent." or "No worries. I know a guy who's always eager to help me."

If she asked if we were "still friends" - I'd probably say "Yes. We are." and not say anything further, then steer the conversation to something else.

Getting a bit nervous about tomorrow afternoon - I know I shouldn't be, since I won't be there long, but I am.

Perhaps I shouldn't reel off my list of GAL activities, even if she asks? Just give bare minimum answers if she asks 'how have things been going,' to maintin the 'mysterious' idea? She definitely will ask. And I will ask how she has been. I won't go into it much further than that though.

What does everyone think?

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