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I will try to stand up for myself and demand respect. I know I need to voice that I do not want to talk about the affair and that I am done with our relationship until the affair has ended. She will have to continue to sleep in another room.

Last night it blew up when I mentioned I knew that she called him again on Sunday and coming home on Tuesday from our sons banquet. I told her this has to stop and that I do not agree with her actions. She blew up and was pIssed that I had checked our phone bill. She immediatley said she wanted a divorce and didn't want to be married. I told her to file for Divorce and send papers to my lawyer.

She has spent all morning texting me and trying to call. Has apologized for last night and doesn't want to leave the house.

She is currently sleeping in another room however I have asked her to move out. She has nowhere to go and refuses to leave the house. I'm afraid the best way to heal is to have her out of the home.

They turn it around like youre the bad guy. My EXWW was livid that I hired a PI. She said "I cant be married to a man I dont trust who has me followed ".

Really exww? Im not trustworthy because I caught you banging your boss?!? Bye then.

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