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It's been almost exactly 5 years since BD. Look how far you've come. Look how far he has been left behind. Of course he misses you - you're awesome and he was a fool to do what he did.

Thanks, devvo! I take that as a compliment. Funny thing is, long before XH was a part of my life, I was a very strong, confident person and while I'm not ever going to win any beauty contests, I was secure in what I could offer someone. Fortunately for me, there are some good men in this world who don't give a crap about looks. But anyway, I wanted to get married, have a family, but I was also very comfortable in being single. After XH left and asked for D, I found that person again, relatively quickly, thanks in part to just being stubborn as a mule and in part to an amazing counselor who really helped me work through and process some stuff. I got to a place where I knew that I would be ok no matter what and if I found love again, yay, and if I didn't, ok. And, then, when I least expected it and wasn't even really looking for it, I DID find love again. He's my knight in shining armor country boy that I have always hoped to find. Sure, he has some baggage, but at nearly 50 years old, so do I, so I get it. We both have baggage but no big red flags waving, so it is good.

I appreciate all of your comments and thoughts regarding my financial discussion with XH. He surprised me and closed out the account yesterday. I got a phone call from the bank and we were able to take care of stuff over the phone and get it all squared away, so I'm good to go. Still frustrates me that our conversation seemed focused on everything but the task at hand, but then again, I don't know why I'm surprised by that when he never was comfortable with financial discussions and such.

Anyway, I only have to be here a little bit longer, then I'm off for a weekend full of family birthday celebrations. Surprise party for my dad tonight for his 75th (his actual birthday is today), lunch with a dear friend tomorrow for his upcoming birthday (Sept. 16), a joint birthday party for my 2 oldest grandkids who share a birthday of Sept. 18, and Sunday will be a birthday party for my niece whose actual birthday is today along with my dad. Lots of parties and family time this weekend is just what I need after this long, crappy, trying, stressful week. Oh and dinner next Tuesday with my sis for her birthday, which is actually that day. Sparky's birthday is at the end of this month so we'll have one more celebration to go after next week.

In my "spare" time, I have GOT to get stuff going to get moved to Sparky's. His birthday is the 27th and he's off that day, so I told him, I may take that week off also so we can use that day to work on the house and move. What a way to celebrate a birthday! smile

Happy weekend, dbers. Hope it is a great one!

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