That's helpful too CW, thank you.

One other thing on my mind - we'll decide on an agent and discuss the costs etc. I have a strong feeling that she will then expect ME to contact the chosen agent and organise stuff to get things in motion re selling the house.

I see two views on this when I've mentioned this before:

1 - I do the work in starting the ball rolling on the sale. This shows leadership qualities and shows I'm co-operating. However, the downside is that it looks like I also want out of the M as quickly as possible, or don't care enough, or want to get away from her as fast as possible.

2- I suggest SHE gets the ball rolling instead - the reasons being that (a) she is living there, (b) the agents are closer to the house, not where I am at my parents' house, and (c) it's her choice to sell and D.
However, does that look like I'm neglecting responsibility and also appear weak? If I suggest it, I don't know how she'll react - in agreement/neutral or very negative. Should I point out that since she is the one who suggested it, she should do the work?

I am nervous I admit, but I will adopt the 'fake it til you make it' attitude cited above. I have a lot of good things I reel off if she asks.

I assume I need to portray myself as AMOAFWL as much as possible...?

Me - 36, W - 32
No kids
T - 8 yr, M - 3 yr
Discovery - 14 May 2019
S - 25 May 2019 & D bomb - 29 July 2019
D & House sale final - Feb 2020