Well, it's been an eventful week. We got through the rest of our trip ok, conference went fine. But during the week my brother-in-law was admitted to the ICU with very bad staph sepsis (there's a 50% mortality rate). He's only 69 and in generally good health. We have no idea what started it.

Thankfully the Kaiser ICU in Portland is very up to date and started him on IV Vit C/steroids/thiamine which is a new treatment for sepsis that most places aren't using yet (I thought we'd have to fight for it but they'd already started it.) He's getting excellent care but it's still really dicey; he's had two surgeries so far to clean out some joints and may need dangerous surgery to clean out abcesses in his spine if they aren't clearing.

It just goes to show, none of us are promised tomorrow - get out there and LIVE.