We have to talk every day because of webchat.

Do you think she is a WW or a WAW? Everyone that knows us says sheís not cheating, including our MC who sees her separately. They all think Iím crazy for thinking it.

I am trying not to pursue, just be done. But I donít know what that looks like.

Can you explain to me why shaking her hand is weird behavior? Itís not like I tried to hug her, I was trying to be businesslike.

As far as MC, why is it just about coparenting and communication? Iím not interested in that at all. If itís done, I want to be done with her and talk through the lawyers.

I never accused her mother of anything in person, just here.

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You are breaking a lot of DB rules. You are pursuing, trying to have relationship talks, being passive aggressive and initiating weird behavior (shake her hand? Really). Are you a control freak? I sense that in your posts. You accuse her mother of not giving her the chance to miss you when in reality you don't give her the chance.

It's now uncommon for WW to initiate MC so they can say they tried everything. Many times they end up being about communication or coparenting. (Read Uichens thread).

What's the longest you have gone without contact?

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