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It wasn't pretty, but a W is a W, so I'll take it.

Apparently our loss was due to dehydration. That's plausible because the loss couldn't have been due to poor coaching; what else could it be but dehydration?

I didn't know Bielema had gone to Florida State....I thought some pro team hired him as their defensive coordinator. Hmmmm…………..LOL

Just kidding, but when we had Bielema, he was the same way. Thing was, when they first hired him, because he was a winning coach at Wisconsin, everyone thought he was really going to bring us back to the eras of wins like Lou Holtz and Bobby Petrino (may he forever be cursed for riding that motorcycle with the buxom blond who was NOT his wife! GRRRRR!). Anyway, the problem was that Wisconsin is a Big Ten school not an SEC powerhouse school. Bielema, who himself was a defensive lineman at The Ohio State University was raised in, played in and coached in a conference where defensive players were supposed to be big, huge, meaty guys who could just pound the opposing team's O-line into the ground. That isn't how SEC football works. SEC football, while following a somewhat similar principal, tends to be more of a running/passing game than a nitty gritty ground game. SEC doesn't play smashmouth football like some of the other conferences do, we play run and gun style. So, Bielema's first excuse was the players he was "left with" after the quick demise of John L.'s short-lived head Hog stint, weren't ones that could play his style of football. (What he really meant was "how big a boy are you?" and the answer, at least for him, was not big enough.) So he started recruiting bigger guys and pushing the existing guys to gain weight creating an overall larger D-line who was now much slower than the leftover recruits had been and SEC teams just started wiping the floor with the Hogs because to put it bluntly, they got fat and sloppy. (Now, I'm fat myself, so I'm not casting aspersions on fatness, mind you, but I'm not a scholarship athlete either, so there is a difference.) Anyway, once Bielema's team was padded with his own recruits, the excuse went from being about he was playing with players he didn't recruit and therefore weren't his style to he had to condition his recruits to his style and that took time. Of course, the whole time all of this is going on, Bielema is smiling to the camera and talking about how the next game is really going to be a turning point. The simple fact is, quite frankly, he was outcoached and outplayed and not SEC coaching material. Not that I think he was a bad coach in general, mind you. I heard him speak several times and I do think he cared about his players and that is important. As Arkansas got more fed up with his promises of impending victory and started calling for his head, so to speak (which is kind of common in the Hog nation, because we are SERIOUS about our Hogs), he just got progressively sloppier. The team does the "Hog Walk" into the stadium before game time and walk a path through the crowd of cheerleaders, band members and cheering fans to get a little love and support prior to getting their game faces on. Most coaches have had the young men do the Hog Walk in suits and ties....ready for business, so to speak. Bielema did at first too, but by the middle of his second season, they were Hog Walking in their warm-up clothes...whatever shorts or sweat pants they grabbed off their floor and that is how they looked and that is how it translated in their game play as well. Just plain sloppy...…………..

Anyway, that was a really long way to say, yeah, I get it.....it MUST be dehydration because poor coaching just could not POSSIBLY be the issue.

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