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Congrats on the Hogs' win; that's the way to start the season. Unfortunately, the Noles didn't fare so well. I suspect our coach will be gone before the end of the season.

Thanks, Doodler! It wasn't pretty, but a W is a W, so I'll take it. I'm not now, nor have I ever been, a fair weather fan, so I will love and support my Hogs regardless, but ole Coach needs to get it in gear or I foresee him being gone at the end of this year. We got Bielema, who talked a really good game, but just could NOT cut it in the SEC and dragged us down after 3 years. Now Morris, also NOT an SEC veteran, is rolling into year 2 and what I saw Saturday did NOT look promising, so we shall see. Like I said, I will root Hog or die, though, so it is all good.

This week has been LONG already and it was a "short" week since Monday was a holiday. I don't know what it is about these holiday weeks but they just seem to drag. This one in particular, Mary Chapin Carpenter's song "Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug" has been resonating loudly in my head. I did NOT come in Monday to prep this week's lab, though I knew it would take a while to do. I came in extra early yesterday and still was running behind, but since I teach the first lab, I just gave my students something to work on while I finished setting up. Sparky's car officially bit the dust late last week and after talking it over this weekend, we have decided to begin the process of finding something different for him, but in the meantime, we borrowed a vehicle from my dad to get us through. Sparky's mom, who is not being overly cooperative about anything lately, was not too keen on his using her car because she doesn't like to be "home alone" without a car (she never goes anywhere, by the way, so not sure why it matters, but whatever). Then, yesterday, after a long, crappy day, she was supposed to bring Sparky to town so he and I could run over to my dad's and pick up the extra vehicle (my dad has 5 or 6 extra vehicles....long story), but then she fell and busted her lip and broke a tooth. Sparky had to leave work early to go get her and take her to the doctor's office, only to find out she broke her knee cap in the fall. Wow....I felt bad for her as I'm sure that hurt really badly. She's having to use a walker and now has to go see an orthopedic surgeon. I don't know what will happen moving forward but I feel bad for her. We did finally get the vehicle swapping finished after Sparky tended to her and got her back home and situated from the doctor's office.

This morning I got lab set up on time (though I again teach the first one, so I could've had a little extra time if I needed it) only to have the copier jam when I was trying to print out my lab packets for my class. Seriously? Ugh! I have been getting e-mails from students left and right about missing class and I TOLD them attendance is mandatory, but that is fine. Go ahead and miss and when your grade suffers, refer to the syllabus where I made you read it and underline it so you would know. We are in our 3rd week of classes (2nd week for my lab classes) and I had a girl come to my office today trying to get into my class. I signed off on it for her, with the understanding that she's already missed 2 labs and she will have to do extra work on the back end to catch those up. I also tried to explain that while I'm willing to let her in, she has to get in to a lecture class as well and I don't know that any of the lecture instructors will let her in. She should've gotten her crap together 2 weeks ago.

On the plus side, I'm over half-way finished with today, have one more class this afternoon, then just 2 more days (with 1 class left for the week tomorrow afternoon) and then the weekend will be upon us yet again. We are beginning to move my stuff to Sparky's house this week and I'm excited about that. We're also going to go through all the stuff he has and decide what of his we want to keep and what of mine we want to keep so we can start selling off what we don't want. It's going to be a good, good thing. I'm just ready to get moved in and settled and get into what will be our normal, regular routine. We had kinda settled into one not living together, but as we gear up to get into one actually living together, I'm feeling super restless.

Anyway, back to educating and molding young minds. It's almost Friday...it's almost Friday...it's almost Friday!

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