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Tomorrow afternoon is the first Hog football game of the season and I cannot wait. I'm already planning snacks for us while we cheer/yell at the tv.

Go Hogs!

I used to look forward to football season, but the 'Noles have been awful the past few seasons. Our first game is tomorrow. Because of the hurricane, the game was moved from Jacksonville to Tallahassee. My coworkers have said that some of the grocery store shelves have already been picked clean. I don't know what's going to happen with an influx of people. It's going to be an interesting weekend.

My beloved Hogs have been absolutely beleaguered by a few terrible seasons and now are beginning their 2nd year with a new head coach, so we shall see. Tomorrow SHOULD be a W for us, since they are playing some no-name junior college and or maybe it is a junior high team, but they had several of these should be W games last year that they got absolutely hammered in, so I'll just have to wait, but regardless, I will ALWAYS root Hog. I'm not a fair-weather fan.

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