Doodler, you're funny :p

Andrew, my mechanic usually just lets me take the loaner, so I'm not worried. I also negotiated the rental for an extra week. There's one car that I could get that is smaller than mine, not really better gas mileage and a smallish trunk. Financing a little bit on that would put me under $200 a month additional for insurance, excise tax amortized and car payment. It's fine, but meh.

DnJ, it's amazing how once we finished negotiating and I had a solid number the true emotionality of it all subsided. It turned from a throbbing ball of twisted emotions to a long sigh of relief and clear thinking about what is the best thing for me right now. The extra cash would be a nice cushion. I put in the new engine hoping to avoid a car payment for another 50k miles (about 2-3 years). Never in my life have I bought new.

Kml, you are on the right track. I will have collision insurance, but if something happened I would get next to nothing for the car.

This is an absolutely amazing day. First the news from the adjuster, then I went through line item by line item and got extra $$ - I thought it was $500, but it's actually $600 on options they missed (how the heck can you miss a moonroof, when the car doesn't have roof racks?). Then the mechanic tells me the frame wasn't harmed in any way and quoted me less than I thought it would cost to fix my car. Then I find out I have accident forgiveness on the first accident smile thank you to my insurance agent smile and THEN on a hunch I stopped at Lowe's and scored a lovely metal dining table for my patio for $100 and 4 metal chairs with cushions for $62.50. The chairs originally were $250. The table came with swivel chairs and all that sold for over $400. The chairs I bought are from the same company, same color, just stationary which is better for my mom anyway.

I'm tempted to go buy a lottery ticket!!!

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BD 4/6/15
D Final 12/23/16

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi