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One huge thing off the list will be getting another car. When purchasing a big ticket item, it can be stressful since you do not have any idea what the insurance company is going to pay out on your totaled car. I don't envy you having to deal w/the insurance company. You pay big bucks for insurance and then they make every effort to give you as little as possible for repairs. Stay firm w/them.

Amen, Job! How can I budget, decide if I need financing, etc. if there's this huge variable hanging out there? I'm happy to say that I heard from them today and they are offering a much more reasonable settlement, more than 2.5 times the original offer. They found a real comp for my car and took into account all the work that's gone into it. I'm going to keep the car, but not sure we're going to repair it. There's a huge weight off my mind. I still need to make a decision about a car, and quickly, but this is surely wonderful news, and long overdue. I'm waiting to hear from my mechanic before moving forward.

Hi Andrew, yes, I'm feeling better physically, although man the antibiotics really wore me out. I've signed up for a morning yoga class through our local park department. It's at 6am once a week, and starts in a month. Something to do for myself, to work on a goal of better health and wellbeing.

I'm ready to go shopping, lol.

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