You have a lot going on. One huge thing off the list will be getting another car. When purchasing a big ticket item, it can be stressful since you do not have any idea what the insurance company is going to pay out on your totaled car. I don't envy you having to deal w/the insurance company. You pay big bucks for insurance and then they make every effort to give you as little as possible for repairs. Stay firm w/them.

Organizing your office and guest rooms will be another "stressor" off your list. When they organized, you will feel much better. I don't know about your area, but we may see some rain from Dorian by Monday/Tuesday timeframe. If your grass isn't certainly isn't going anywhere and there is always another time to do it. If your son isn't working, you might want to consider him doing it. It would give him something to do and another task checked off your list.

I hope that you have a nice birthday this weekend. You've had so much going on over the year and maybe, just maybe, things will finally settle down for you once you get things put in their proper places and a car in your driveway.

Please take care of yourself. Happy Birthday a few days early!