Survived week 1 of classes relatively unscathed and the class I teach actually started yesterday, so I'm officially off and running for the fall semester now. I teach 4 classes this semester and have already done 2, one yesterday and one earlier today. I still have one more today, then one tomorrow and then I can cruise until next Tuesday. I finally spent a good bit of time actually getting my office cleaned and organized and I'm very pleased with how it all looks. Even took a little time last Friday, after everyone left early, to put "fresh" pictures on my digital frame in my office. This Friday, I'm gong to spend a little time working on organizing my storage room, that doubles as the prep room for my labs. It is also a catch-all room for other classes, so there is a lot of random stuff in there. I spent weeks last summer actually cleaning, organizing and throwing out stuff that was older than me, but it needs a good going over again.

Nothing new to report on the personal/relationship side. We are currently in week 2 of combined finances and we are communicating very well about bills, as we navigate getting all our accounts consolidated. We have also discussed a plan/timeline to get me moved into Sparky's house and we are shooting for that being complete by the end of September or 1st weekend in October. Lots of changes heading my way in the next 6 months or so and while it is daunting, it is also exciting. I will move in with Sparky and give up my house in roughly a month from now. In December, we will say our I do's among all of our family celebrations. In the spring, we will welcome grand baby #5 to the fold and I'm thrilled about that one. Sparky is excited as well. I'm excited, nervous, happy, scared, looking forward to, dreading.....all those things. I told Sparky one big fear I have is in giving up my own space in favor of his. I did that once for a man and when the whole deal went south, I had to start over from scratch. It does scare me that if we were to not make it for some reason, I would have to start over yet again. But, at the same time, we both know that, at least for now, it has to be this way to accommodate taking care of his mother to the best of our ability without actually living in the same house with her. We've been very open and honest about our feelings and our fears in our discussions about combining our households and our entire lives.

Life continues to be good, if not fairly tiring, at the moment, but we are clicking right along, getting stuff done and getting ready to settle in together and move forward in the near future. I told Sparky last weekend that I'm going to wait to put out all my fall decorations until I get moved to his house and this will help it seem more like home to me because I have a ton of seasonal decorations for each season. It will kind of be like the changing of the guard, so to speak. LOL

Me 51, H52
Bomb drop 9/29/2014
Divorce from XH final 12/17/2014
Marriage #2 12/31/2019
5 adult (step)daughters (3 from XH's first marriage, 2 from current H's previous relationships)
7 grandkids