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Now, Iím trying not to care as much. But I donít know what that means. Does that mean that Iím falling out of love with her?

A little bit! 6 months ago I loved her more than me. I now put me and my kids first. I still love her.

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Does that hurt whatís left of our relationship?

This new "I love you" isn't hurting our reconciliation. Consider our partners already put themselves first! She gets after leaving me she needs to rebuild my trust. I get for what drove her away I need to rebuild her trust. Hopefully someday we'll each feel safe putting each other first again.

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May'19 - Girlfriend of 2yrs left. Aug'19 - We became a "broken" couple (I needed validation, she screamed). Dec'19 - We gave up and went NC. Mar'20 - I've changed and she's eager for MC and us again.