So sorry to hear about M Ginger. That s*cks big time. I think he recognized what a great catch you are and wanted to be ready for a committed relationship but when things got more serious and children got involved, he realized he wasn’t. This just may be who he is and a big part of why his ex and him split up. It would be difficult to be married to someone who has that kind of a wall up. I had a feeling about this when you mentioned that he wasn’t going to go with you on Friday because of a scheduled FaceTime call. can FaceTime with someone from anywhere so it wasn’t a valid reason for him not to go. Maybe he was hoping that if he kept disappointing you, you would get fed up and break up with him and he wouldn’t have to be the bad guy. Don’t believe a word of what he has to say re: introducing you to his son. He wanted that to happen. I suspect he was still intent on making it work with you but at some point realized he wasn’t as all in as he thought or hoped. Please don’t take this personally. This is about him for sure. You are a great catch and you will find someone out there who not only recognizes it but is ready and willing to be there for you too. I know you are sad and hurting right now but, as you know, you will get through this. Be good to yourself this weekend. (((HUGS)))

Me 51
H 46
B/G Twins 11
Legal SA - January 2019
Divorce filed - June 2019
Divorce final - November 2019

Together 14 years
Married 12 years
BD1 - May 2014
BD2 - September 14, 2018