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yes. it was and it hurt a lot of other people

He had the b@lls to tell me that he told me he let his son know about us because “I made him feel bad” and he went against his guy. The same man who always put his son first . He put on a big show with flowers to ask me to be his girlfriend. Now he wants to tell me he went against his gut. God, that hurt. His son and I bonded. He loves me and I love him. It feels so sadistic. He brought our families together and wasn’t forced into. And he knows we all clicked better than you could have imagined. He made me think he loved us. My D really thought he loved me and us. A big show he put in trying to be the perfect parent where he just went and hurt a whole bunch of people out of the blue.

I am literally dying inside. But I know I will bounce back. I hope quickly too. I can’t hold on to this pain too long.

For a while I wasn’t completely happy. I felt neglected and like a simple convience when it was good for him and an inconvience when it wasn’t. He wasn’t treating me or the relationship right. My dad feels he was way too high maintenance and saw glimpses of my ex in that respect.

I vow to go forward and when I feel something isn’t right and my needs aren’t being met to respect myself and my needs. And not think they are ridiculous because the other person didn’t want to meet them.

I wanted it so bad I guess and I just focused on the right things he said.

Time to get that year back of my life

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