something was missing... yes, I'd agree with that, and what was missing was an ability to man up and truly be present in this relationship. I'm glad he recognized that he can't hold up his end of the bargain.

I'm sorry you are hurting. I think in time you'll find this was for the best, but it's gonna be a while for that to happen.

You are awesome. Don't let this dim your shine G ... how can you trust again? That's the question, isn't it? I fall back on this: true equanimity is having bad things happen and not letting that change who you fundamentally are in this world.

You are a beautiful soul who has so much to offer. Focus on D and your magnificent tribe who are holding you in the center while you heal from this. I'm very proud of the way you handled yourself. You have done nothing wrong here. xoxoxo


M 20+ T25+
S 15.5 (BD)
BD 4/6/15
H moved out 4/24/15
D Final 12/23/16

One, Two, Three, Give it to God