G itís about him and nothing you did. I believe he did and/or does love you I just donít think he is ready for a R. I recall you having concerns around the six month mark with him displaying affection around his son so I think there were signs early on. It seems to me that the issues started once the R started getting real. It was no longer just about sex, going out for dinner and hanging out. I think he tried to make it work but realized he couldnít.

I am sorry, I know you are hurting.

Married 14, Together 17
M: 44, W: 43, D: 8, D: 6
M: 46, W: 45. D: 10. D: 8 (CUR)
Bomb Dropped: 5/28/2017
Separation Date: 6/17/2017
Divorce Filed: 2/7/2018
Divorce Final: 4/12/2018