He really is. This is kind of unreal . Iím going to wake up in the morning and realize it happened and it wasnít a nightmare

I asked him to delete me from social media. He did. Then I blocked him. And I blocked his phone number. Iím having a hard time deleting the messages and pictures. But I just need too.

I am just feeling so fooled and blind sided. He said one thing one day and did the total opposite the other. It still doesnít add up. But I have to take what he is saying for face value.

I was a wonderful, passionate loving girlfriend he told me. Nothing I did. Something was missing for him.

The part that kills me? I have been told this in breakups before. This is not the first time someone told me I was wonderful but something was missing.

I guess my love is too much to handle. For the right guy, he will embrace it.

I have such a good crew who rallies around me. My friend/ social worker I work with in my office saw my have tears and I told her that I think my boyfriend is breaking up with me. She actually cried with me. And prayed with me. Sheís very religious. She gave me so much support. My best friend sat outside with me for hours listening to me. Picked up my daughter and brought her over. Her daughter and her husband gave me such big hugs and all the love.

My tribe is true and big. And they see me for me. And appreciate me. And love me. And nothing is missing for them. They love me. I am enough.

This is a painful ripping off of a bandaid.

I truly, with all my heart believed he loved me. I never actually doubted his love. Maybe his commitment, but never his love. And now I know it was all BS.

And that hurts and Iíll have to heal from it