I donít have the nervy to say much, but appreciate all your kind words.

In a nut shell, he finally told me something was missing for him in the relationship. We are too different? When I brought up feeling duped and him bringing his son into life he said ďI made him feel bad so he went against his gut ď

How can I ever trust again? I believed he loved us. He told me our connection was amazing, he was so lucky and he loved me incredibly.

It was lies for a year of my life. How dare he hurt me and my daughter like that? Iíve been duped. And me father of year did this to his son too.

I am hurting beyond words. I thought someone finally chose me. Felt whole heartedly about me.

But I guess he didnít. His time spent with me was probably forced. He was trying to fake it until he made it. I feel dirty thinking about laying in his arms this weekend.

I feel just awful and I donít know Iím going to get over this deceit