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I think that LRT stuff may have been Andrew's post breakup dry Canadian humour coming through.
I used smiley icons and everything too!!

No B contact again today in either direction. There's nothing to say that hasn't been said and saying it again makes no difference. My ex cashed her monthly support payment late this morning. Without comment as always. It's raining lightly over the rail yard where a group of visitors are getting damp in their bright orange "I'm not safety certified" hard-hats. SIL2 sent me a link to a nice looking roll-top desk for $50 which turned in to $100 when I asked if it was solid wood. It's staying where it is.

S24 never emerged again last night - only mumbled through the door. His birthday plans are more or less finalized. His mother hasn't done anything for him on that day for a bunch of years so I don't expect plans to be very messed up. He knows that there is cake from the cafe around the corner. I need to get candles. D27 says she'll "probably" call in for the happy birthday singing. I got him an auto-club membership for his birthday which will probably be his present for the next few years as a renewal. The menu plan is uncertain but I own food. I was thinking of getting a butternut squash for Sunday dinner though. We both quite like that as either just baked or made in to soup. Even though my repertoire is somewhat limited, I like to think I'm a decent cook. I do focus on quality ingredients. I think B left a partial jar of store brand "Miracle whip" in the fridge that I will dispose of. She preferred it to actual mayonnaise. If you were to have walked in to my house in March or again now, you'd only notice that some of 20 something's stuff has been moved from the front porch to under the back stairs and that the futon has been replaced by a couch. Nothing else is different. It's as if B never was there.

I chatted a bit with SIL2 who actually knew B's S38 back in the day. She's unsurprised that he's the source of so many issues and somewhat surprised that he's alive. The story she tells me speaks to a much darker past than I think B realizes. SIL2 also thinks that the idea of me dating someone like FSL who is in her late 30s as well is a good idea. She does agree though that dating someone my own age or even a touch older might make more sense. Not that that is going to be happening right now unless that mythical woman falls from the sky offering me pizza. It's been a long since I had pizza. Possibly close to a year now that I try to think of it. I like pizza.

My travel agent says that some of my info for my trip to Madrid is in the office but I still don't have a firm itinerary and won't know my hotel for sure until 2 weeks prior. Annoying as I like to have everything organized and numbered.

I may start the kitchen renovation this weekend tearing down the false ceiling put in in the 70s. Or maybe the 60s. I won't have to cut the grass. At this time of the year around here it grows rather slowly and I did cut it last week.

Yeah - life moves on.

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