See, when he isnít in his own little world, heís a pretty good partner. Some things might be different than Iíve experienced in the past, but the difference about him is he comes from a good place with good intentions but just may not be so aware of whats going on. I know he canít know what I need if I donít tell him, and I donít mind being a teacher if he is a good learner. But right now I have to step back and let him come to me, so I feel torn.

I almost feel like now that I do know what I want in a relationship maybe Iíve become too high maintenance. I want these things. Am I too much?

Well, he never texted last night. Said he would earlier in the day and let me know how it was going with his project. You know, because I care. Never did. Never heard from him. Laid in bed and fought the urge to text him. Not texting him was an amazing feat for me. I imagine he might have been working late on the house. The last time we saw each other everything was fine. And the time before that when he apologized and was just so sweet and loving. I guess this week he is just so kneeling deep in his stuff again.

I will try my best to hold out contacting him today. Usually Iíll get something the next morning if I donít the night before. But who knows this week. I feel pretty poopy but I shouldnít let this affect me too much.

On another note D11 hurt her finger pretty bad at cheerleading. She woke up in the middle of the night crying, cake in my bed and itís pretty swollen. We have been having lots of xrays at the ER for various digits lately, but Iím going to hold off. Sheís really upset because she afraid sheís going to lose her position. Sheís in a lot of pain. Itís her non dominant had, but there is a lot she canít do. She will be home alone today and a friend is coming over at some point, but I am going to sneak home at lunch and bring them something to eat and print her some kids Motrin because she still canít swallow pills.

Sigh. At least after work today I am off for 4 days. Woohoo!