Very good questions.

Am I losing attraction? Yes, my attraction decreases a bit when my boyfriend is so self absorbed. When he cares, when he comes to me, wants to spend time with me, asks me about ME, my attraction increases.

Do I feel mentally stronger? Yes and no. He deals with some pretty heavy stuff. But I feel I balance much better. I am capable of giving and receiving and living my life even when Iím going through the deepest of poop. So I guess in a way I do. Although I donít know how well I would handle what he is right now.

No. My attraction has not increased since he has pulled back. A woman loves to feel loved, important, like she is a priority, and when I feel like Iím more of a convienece when he has time, my attraction goes down. When he does make me feel like I matter to him , my attraction goes way up. Maybe Iím the opposite of other women.

Right now, itís almost 8 pm, his last message was telling me he would work too late tomorrow to help me and nothing since. I know he is making a big home repair to his brothers place.

I am sad because I had a lot going on this week. So much I would love to talk to my boyfriend about. Canít even shate it with him. He doesnít ask, I donít tell.

I did get all my nasty grass clipping out. I had to deal with some awful cave crickets and other bugs that I am not a fan of. But I did it, and Iím proud of me.

And yes, it increases my attraction when he wants to be the man and help me this stuff. Attraction went down when he said ďIíll try to stop by, but Iím sure you manage itĒ after he made a commitment to me.