I am definitely not contacting him again. He clearly needs his space and I donít want to be another ďobligationĒ for him. He needs to come to me and want me. He is really focused on NOT ME. So he can stay there.

Iím looking forward to school clothes shopping at the mall with D11 on Friday ( Iím off) and then even though I am the odd number wheel, the eat-a thon in Chinatown for my cousins birthday Iím looking forward to. Saturday to Sunday Iím taking D11 and her friend overnight to my dads for some fun, bike riding, beach, and dinner at a cool restaurant. I did invite M, but he said ďmost likely, let me see where I get with this projectĒ Iím actually counting it as a no.

And because no good deed goes unpunished....... D11 just called me to get her because she hurt her finger in the position I went and advocated for her to have.


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