Heís just so distant too. I know he apologized for his distance last week..... but he is just so wrapped up in his little world. He texted me something sweet yesterday morning, returned my I love you...... but I can tell, heís just not present right now. I asked for a favor tomorrow night but he has a late job. I said thanks, another time and he just didnít respond.

What can I do? I guess I got to just wait until he pulls himself out of his own world to see what else is around him.

I am trying really hard to hold back and just stay as brief as he has been. Itís not an easy thing for me.

When he comes to me he will come to me I guess. Iím sure he is t going to make it this weekend and it will be over a week without seeing each other. But if thatís the way it will have to be. I have some pretty good solid plans.

I can totally see where he might have just checked out in his M though. When he has stuff to do heís like invisible man. And he rebuilt a house for a year. While his ex was pregnant. I imagine not much existed while he did that. Even though his intentions were to build a beautiful house for his family.

Oh well. Off to haul this grass to the curb somehow before the skies open up.