What a week....and it's only Wednesday. Fortunately, half of tomorrow and most of Friday are meetings that I just have to sit and listen through. I don't have to prep anything or talk or anything, just listen.

Our budgets, which were already cut July 1, were cut again this week by 50%. (Insert long, drawn out, ugly story about mishandling of funds in upper administration here.) What that means to me is a LOT of extra work because I'm the person in our department who does all the budget and purchasing stuff and now I have to fill out a justification form and wait for approval from the dean's office before I can purchase anything. Y'all, I kid you not, I just had to justify why I needed to order a box of paper clips. IN WRITING. I gave up half-way through the page long form and decided to just go to Walmart after work and buy the d@mn paper clips out of my own pocket, even though my boss REALLY does not like me doing that. This is going to be a LONG semester.

In addition I also found out yesterday that the lecture class I thought I was going to teach and earn extra money for was scratched from the schedule because they didn't need it and since we are in a budget crisis, they didn't want to pay extra for a class that was only half-full. UGH. I wasn't counting on that money, obviously, since I hadn't earned it yet, but it certainly would've been nice to have it to put toward the wedding.

Speaking of weddings, planning is rolling right along and Sparky and I are going to have a talk this weekend about getting an actual move-in plan set up. We are also working through merging our finances and plan to have that in place in the coming weeks so that we can start to contribute to a joint savings account for a future honeymoon. We hadn't planned on honeymooning right after the wedding anyway, so we decided to save up for a bit and then do something really cool. My original intention had been to wait until after or just right before the wedding to move in with him, but as we were discussing finances last night, I was thinking what is the point? If we could go ahead and move now to consolidate some bills, it only makes sense and it will allow us to really pool our resources for wedding expenses more equitably. Big steps, but we are ready and the wedding is getting closer every day. laugh

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