Well, I kind of snuck it into a conversation. I told him when I told him I was stressed and he asked my I was stress and began to told him why he blew me off and I just really needed someone to listen for a minute. I didnít tell him he made it about him. He said ďall you told me was your lawnmower wasnít working and you had an unmanageable caseload at workĒ I said I was telling you more, but you cut me off by telling me ďlife ainít easy, I got this plumbing thing to take care ofĒ I went on to say whatís going on. He asked me if there was more behind my stressors. I said, no, itís just that stuff which unless you walk in my shoes, you see why a lawnmower not working can be the straw that broke the camels backĒ he said ďawwww, hugs sent your way. Right after he said that, I thanked him, told him about some positive stuff, but he said nothing and I didnít hear from him all. This was after a sweet morning greeting.

I texted him twice something small later in the day and nothing. Finally he answered very short and I didnít realize today was his last day with his S for a while. I thought his S left yesterday.
We had a very brief exchange, I told him i know tough when he goes away for a while. He didnít ask a darn thing about me or if things were better or how I was. I simply said ď Iím going to bedĒ he said ďgoodnight baby!Ē And that was it.

I went to bed pretty upset. The world does indeed revolve around him. And it stinks . I donít know what Iím going to do with it. Right now, I donít have the nerve to even try to address it. Tonight, he ditched me for his thing he had to do. Friday he canít be my date because of a FaceTime call. This weekend he said ďmaybeĒ to the beach which I imagine is a no.

Forget it. Iím not chasing. Iím tired. His intentions arenít bad. Heís just so oblivious. And I tried to communicate yesterday and he more or less blew me off again. I donít even know what to think anymore.