So just want to point out here

First off, you have to remember. You are the catch. Seriously. Look at all you do, who you are, and what you offer someone.

It sounds like M. Has some great qualities, but maybe lacking in relationship skills that require active listening and communication, and compromise? You do have these qualities but when it’s one sided it’s not always enough. I get the fear of communicating your feelings, and expressing your needs to someone after being left for doing so. It’s what I went through and something I struggle with as well. But I think that if you can’t do that with someone it will lead to a lot of resentment and anger and unhealthy actions (game playing - making him call first, modified silent treatments)

And here’s the thing - if you do express your needs and communicate when your unhappy and he argues or twists things or ignores or goes into hiding - the good thing is that it gives you some important information early on.

And butterfly’s comments about housekeeping are spot on. I went through that too. Little critiques gradually build.

M: 42
H: 43
Twins age 5
WAH in summer