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Donít think I mentioned that M kind of had something to say about my house keeping skills. That set me off too. He lives with his mommy and only has to worry about his room. I am one person doing absolutely everything with a full time job and my kid most of the time. Something has to give sometimes. The other day I was so full of love for him, these last 2 days heís really pissing me off. But donít get me wrong. Great guy, good intentions. Just comes off oblivious some of the time. And his timing isnít so hot right now.

OH H3LL to the NAW, NO ONE gets to talk about someone's housekeeping. You don't like something, pick up a broom, or a sponge, roll up your sleeves and help or shove the broom where the sun don't shine and the sponge in your pie-hole.

That's NOT ok. EVER. ESPECIALLY when Mommy is taking care of the heavy lifting for him.

(Disclaimer: that's a HUGE sore spot for me as exh only ever criticized and rarely helped. sorry)

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