Not gonna lie... the Sunday thing would bother me too. Obviously there are situations when he is fine to break his rule so it isnít as carved in stone as he led you to believe. Some people are just different in relationships. I donít know if it is a gender thing or not. Iím someone who, when Iím in a relationship, includes the other person in most, if not all, parts of my life. Donít get me wrong, itís not like I invite my significant other to every event in my life but I will blend them if it makes sense. Some people seem to compartmentalize more and it is hard not to take things personally if you happen to be in an R with one of those people. Has he ever made an exception for you on a Sunday? For instance, if you havenít been able to see each other all week, has he suggested you get together on that day or is it just a hard rule. I would have a difficult time with any hard rule TBA. Life just isnít like that and it seems somewhat controlling to me.

I would also be upset about him backing out on you and not a) apologizing profusely and b) trying to come up with a way to help you or make up for it somehow. What it sounded like he said was ďoh big deal...Ē. Clearly from what you said, it was a bigger deal than that. At the very least, you should let him know and tell him how much it upset you just to have your needs tossed aside in favour of his own.

I agree with everyone about it being important to work things out in a relationship and ask for what you want/need. I also think that people have some pretty set personality traits that make it more difficult to be in a relationship with them. In the beginning of a relationship, we are at our maximum capacity for tolerance thanks to all the love hormones but over time, the things we once saw as ďquirkyĒ or ďcuteĒ or ďa bit annoying but tolerableĒ become everything but. We also tend to be at maximum capacity for helpfulness. I.E. Happy to go out of our way to help the other person out or do things for them. IDK either of you but from your description, it sounds as if M only does this if it suits him and he doesnít do it happily. Is this enough for you? is your life. You know yourself and what you need. I am confident you will figure things out in the long run. (((HUGS)))

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