I need an opinion. I am truly upset. Everything is always about him, I am always supportive? Validating, and I am what he needs me to be to help him get through.

The ONE day I try to share about my struggles he turns it in to him. Then I conducted an experiement and validated everything he was saying about himself. And he not once asked about me, how was my day. When I told him I was stressed this morning. And he backs out like no big deal out of what he was going to help me with.

I really want to say something. I think he should how what is is doing makes me feel. Truth is Iím scared. Iím scared he will flip it on me, scared of I donít even know what.

But I have to change these patterns . They have to change. I need to stop being afraid about talking about what upsets me instead of worrying if Iím justified in feeling the way I do.