You are correct juju. I also have a high tolerance and am able to adapt to everyone.

Relationships sure are hard work. Not everything is going to be just how we like it all the time. And I do see our R as working, even if this kind of hurts. But itís him. Heís kind of sucked into his own little world right now. People often also take for granted the fact that if you met me from the outside I seem to completely have my sh!t handled and donít struggle. My own fault maybe?

My best friend knew exactly how to support me. Validated me and then asked what she could do to help me tomorrow. In Mís defense, he is helping me with a task on. Wednesday and I uber appreciate it.

I am willing to accept his flaws. I sure have them too and I imagine he is accepting them right now.

I was seeing a counselor for 2 years and then stopped about a year ago. I just had no time. And now my health insurance is different and I don't know she is covered. She is within walking distance of my current job. I should make time to go back. It helped just to have a supportive 3 rd party who validated and helped me help myself. Something I should do again.