I shared with M this morning my feelings of stress and overwhelm. Well, I regret doing that. His answer was ď life ainít easy, Iíll be burning both ends this week repairing this pipe thingĒ

Life ainít easy? No poop. I am aware.

Well, wonít be sharing my feelings with him anymore. He really canít see past his own life. He thinks I do have it easy because I donít have issues with my baby daddy.

Iíll just fake it until I make it from now on. I feel stupid for sharing with him. My ex used to make me feel the same way. Iím usually a pretty chipper laid back kind of person who is always laughing and cracking jokes. So no one expects me to be down or have any struggle.

Maybe Iím being dramatic.

Oh well, off to a totally unmanageable case load at work today!