Well, my weekend was decent even though I worked yesterday. Friday I had off and I took D11 and her friend to lunch and the pool and they had a good time. Got some house work done too. After work yesterday M came over and we were both beat so we hung out at my place and he stayed over. Today I mowed most of my lawn until my lawnmower decided to be stupid. I gave up and went to my cousins for Dinner. Iíve got 4 days of work then Iím off for 4 days. Friday night I have my cousins 40th birthday dinner. We are a family of foodies so we are hitting up some of the best places in China town. I forgot Mís son was away so invited him but he had a scheduled FaceTime call with his S. Iím a plus one finally, but am going to be an extra wheel. Because o the lack of flexibility. Stinks for me, but even more so for him, I feel bad. He might come the best day to my dads with D11, her friend and I for some beach fun and stay over night.

Things are moving along. Still pretty stressed and pressed for time and behind in life, but thatís my norm I guess. That isnít getting any better anytime soon. Only crazier when school and cheer are in full swing!