Hahaha! I used to have a cleaning service in my old house once a month. And I always did the clean before the clean! I canít justify it in my budget now, but yes, someone to come in and do the deep cleaning would help tremendously. And I think I will take my dad up on that offer.

Iíve been really trying to make a focus on the ďmeĒ time. I need it. I did a good job this week, but now my house is suffering so Iíll take care of that tonight.

I can say I am in no way settling for M . The love is real, we love to spend time together we do have a lot of the same views on things although we do things differently at times. And those differences are ok. What I am learning is he is hearing me. And I am hearing him. I put in effort to be more understanding of his time, and he puts in the effort to spend more time with me. Communication works!

I see a real future with us. How itís exactly going to look, I donít know. But Iím excited for it