Thanks J. My mood is improving a little . M and I went out last night ( he asked me) and we had a great time. He apologized for being distant this week and told me he appreciates how understanding Iíve been. Today itís been 11 months! Itís really been a great year in so many ways, and I hope to have many more great years with him.

My dad offered to get me a cleaning service once a month. I might take him up on it. I just cannot keep up with everything and my messy house is making me anxious. I canít wait to get out of work and go home and clean. After I cook dinner and drop D off at cheerleading of course.

I know Iíll be fine, I go through this every now and then when it all becomes too much.

Iím joining the gym by best friend goes to and teaches at along with my Dís best friendís mom. Itíll be a good motivator . Iím going to organize my life and make time for it. I get the mommy guilt when I go like Iím not spending enough time with D. Then I remember sheís more into her friends and is fine with me being gone for an hour and a half.
Tomorrow Iím taking her and her friend to the pool. Itíll be fun