So you worked out, got some cleaning done, made eggplant parm and had a cry. All of that sounds like part of a good day to me. I am very lucky to have my folks around to give me a hand and give me guidance, but you know what? ultimately even with that blessing all of my life still boiled right back down to me and getting on through it. I had them in my corner and even still I'd be looking up at God and all the crap he was throwing into my life and just laughing a bit at how comically I felt like he had just thrown the kitchen sink of difficulty at me and was only going to throw more.

Feeling alone does stink, but as kml says you do have us and many times this place and the folks on it helped me to push on through. You'll do the same Ginger, cry it out when you have to, but keep on going. I saw this over on Gerda's thread a week or so ago. When my initial foray into OLD was ending with new girl and I was struggling a bit it really gave me a good kick when I needed it, thought maybe you'd like it as well:

"Last night I was getting something to eat and while waiting noticed this man, very handsome, covered with tattoos, because his neck tattoo said, "Deliver us from evil." So I asked him if he prays that prayer, and he said yes, and I said I was battling a lot of evil and said that prayer everyday. And he said, "You are a warrior, you aren't a victim. Don't fear suffering because you are a warrior, and suffering is what makes you strong."

Hang in there G!


Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19