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At least you've got all of us! (((hug)))

Thank you! Iím still here for all these years because of that. Itís been such a hard journey, with lots of ups and downs. Somedays I didnít know if I would make it, and I came here and I felt like someone understood.

I donít share this with M. He has a different kind of problem in his divorce and heís kind of knee deep in it. I donít really share with my friends, but they know. I donít share with my dad because it upsets him when I struggle

Iím in a down time. Iíve been crying. But I did get to my friends house and exercise tonight. I am making eggplant parm for the first time. I got a little cleaning done. I still havenít asked M to do anything and he hasnít asked me because he is some sort of conflict. The crappy part for me is I just kind of need him to hold me. And it ainít going to happen

Tomorrow night will be a nice catching up on house work and drinking wine night . Me and the crazy dog.