Thank you guys, for the understanding words. I really do need sleep and Iím just not getting it right now. My air conditioner is on the first, it makes so much noise and wakes me up every 2 min. I am a very light sleeper. I have so much on my mind, finances and the such. Iím exhausted with the first job but could really use a second.

I figure the cleaning will always be there, my house isnít dirty, it could just be decluttered a bit. Who cares? I did go to my friends house last night and we did a peloton spin class last night while D 11 was at cheer. It felt good. We are all doing another tonight . Exercise used to be a very main focus in my life and itís been way on the back burner . Itís always been my ďmeĒ time and stress relief.

I did get out of work in time for once yesterday and I passed out for 20 min when I got home. Woke up, cooked both of us our respective dinners and sent D11 off to cheer. Then she went to a sleepover after.

I got everything brand new at once. A boyfriend, a house, and a dog, a second job which became my new first job. Itís been a rebalancing act for sure.

As far as the bf goes, while things are going well, it seems as if he invites along for family time with the kids, and I do the alone time inviting. I decided not to do that this week. Iíd like him to do it for a change, and he very well may not. But a 180 for me is not asking when o realize he wonít. And if he doesnít, more me time , I guess.

The dog is crying at me again. I have a toddler . Maybe thatís why I am so exhausted