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Still figuring it all out

Iíve decided Iím not really going to post much anymore because I have a fear of my thread being found. It seriously worries me.

To answer some questions in my last thread, living together but apart would not be something I am interested in. I am broke as a joke and house poor. If we were long long term, it would be stupid for the both of us to be like that. Housing and living costs are astronomical and Iím barely staying a float here.

Could I accept not getting married? Absolutely. I donít need the paper. I would like to live as a married couple on day, but I donít need the wedding.

On that note, his son said to me the other day again ď ginger you are are going to be my bonus mom!Ē I told him I would love to be . He said ďyou will soonĒ does this kid know something I donít?

Things have been going well with us. Iím happy. Work has been awful and I havenít been sleeping and I could just fall asleep at my desk. Iíve really committed to living a healthier lifestyle finally. I just donít feel good.

Like I mentioned, Iím also having money issues. My expenses have been skyrocketing Iíve got to take the time and comb through the budget and expenses. If it could keep my eyes open once I get home from work. My housekeeping is way behind. I chose to do something fun with M and his son yesterday when I should have been cleaning. I chose Saturday night to hang out at my friends house when I should have been cleaning. But I need to enjoy life.

Iím supposed to start working out with my friend tonight when I drop off D11 at cheer practice. But Iím so tired and so behind. I also work this weekend.

Iím seriously over stress and stretched so thinly. Itís so hard to keep up with everything and have the energy to do it . There isnít enough hours in the day or energy in my body.

I do honestly envy people who have parents and sibling to help and a husband at home. Iíve been surviving this for 12 years now, but Iím tired. I used to pay for some help in the form of precooked meals or a cleaning service once a month. But I canít afford it now.

Sorry for the whining. I really am happy and fortunate. Iím just totally overwhelmed and I think itís taking a bit of a toll on my health.

Iím going to go get a cup of coffee now to help keep me awake

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