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Metallica does a great cover of "Turn The Page"...…….

I have heard a recorded version of theirs and it is excellent. I haven't heard it live. I have heard some others live that were quite good. Surprisingly, the one I liked best was done by a new country group called Midland when I saw them opening a concert last fall. I was rather surprised at how good they really were.

I'm claiming success on the weekend surprise birthday. D30 was SO excited to be staying in a yurt, as it is something that she has wanted to do for a long time. We managed to keep everything a surprise from her and her sisters even had her about half convinced that we were taking her skydiving. What we really did was took her to one of the fanciest hotels in downtown Hot Springs (the Arlington) and got manis and pedis. We hung out at the yurt Friday night and ate snacks and enjoyed adult beverages and girl talk, then I brought all the stuff to do facials, so that was super cool and relaxing. Got up Saturday morning and set out for spa treatments, then met up with some of her close friends for lunch. Then I had to shag out to attend another family event at my sister's house, but they all went back to the yurt to swim and hang out.

I'm glad it all went off without a hitch. And, I'm glad she had a good time. It was nice to see her really enjoying everything and just being able to relax and let others take care of her for once. She works hard taking care of her family. I am thankful for Sparky because he went and picked up the cake and flowers and other decorations for the restaurant and brought them and helped me get the table decorated there while Ds26 and 28 kept D30 occupied.

I worked hard on this whole thing and it came together nicely but I was just exhausted when it was all said and done Saturday evening. I went home and tried to watch a movie with Sparky but I just couldn't even stay awake. Was in bed by 10:00. Yesterday, I slept until 8:00 which is LATE for me (yes, I'm old) and then when we both got up and around, Sparky cooked me breakfast and we just chilled. He had to go home early because his mom needed him to do something for her, so he left around 11:00, when he usually stays until 4:00 or 5:00, but I used the time to myself to nap, drink beer, and just generally be lazy, so it was all good.

Back to the grind today. Committee meetings tomorrow and Wednesday. In my office Thursday, then off Friday and Monday to road trip with my mom, sis and niece to Houston so my mom can spend her birthday with her sister. If y'all need me next weekend, I'll be the fat chick chilling by the pool at my aunt's house with some sort of fruity drink or ice cold beer in my hand. wink

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