Thanks kml! My daughter deserves it. She works full time and takes care of the house, her husband and their 2 rambunctious boys. The younger of the 2 boys has Down’s syndrome so there are a lot of medical appointments and other things to deal with and she handles it all like a pro. She never complains and is always quick to help anyone. When I called her husband to tell him what we were planning, the first thing he said was “that’s great, she deserves it”. If God himself had spoken to me and said He was going to gift me with the ability to “build” the perfect man for my daughter, her husband is the exact man I would’ve created. They are an amazing, beautiful couple and I couldn’t be prouder of them. This weekend is about D30, though, because she never puts herself first, so her sisters and I will, if only for a couple of days.

Me 50, H52
Divorce from XH final 12/17/2014
Marriage #2 12/31/2019
5 adult (step)daughters (3 from XH's first marriage, 2 from current H's previous relationships)
4 grandkids (plus 2 on the way)