For those playing the at-home version, I'm moving on to a new thread since the old one was at 99 posts. Not that I anticipate a flood of posts added to that one, but you never know. LOL It is easier to just move on now, so in the immortal words of Mr. Bob Seger, I'm turning the page. Here's what happened before:

I was going to start this post by saying what a sh!t show some things have been lately, but I again decided to rely on Bob Seger and just turn the page and roll on. I choose to focus on some good things that have happened, particularly today.

I have planned a girls' trip with my mom, sis and niece to go visit my aunt for my mom's birthday and I'm so looking forward to it. My aunt and uncle live in Houston and they have a nice house with a pool, so it should be a nice, relaxing little get-away. My sister is going to drive and I will navigate so that will be relaxing too, since the GPS can do most of the work there.

Had a GREAT talk with my boss this morning. Part of the sh!t show has been budget issues on our campus, but he was asking this morning how long I had been here and he told me that I am doing an amazing job and that once the budget issues are cleared up, he plans to go to admin and make a case for getting me a raise. I make decent money, but he says that he thinks he can make a very strong case to raise my base because of all the extra stuff I have been willing to do and the department has come to rely on my doing. I know he can't make any promises, but yay! It is nice to be appreciated.

Relationship is going well. We have plans to have dinner with our wedding officiant and his wife tomorrow night and we are both so looking forward to that. They are amazing people whom I have I know for quite a long time and they seem to really like Sparky too, so win/win. We are working on some wedding planning, got our menu and decorations figured out and waiting to hear back from the church about using it. We continue to communicate well and things just really seem to be comfortable and easy. It is a nice place to be.

Life is good. I heard a song on the radio earlier today and the chorus said something about "life is short, so make it sweet." Yep............great advice. It sure has been sweet lately. laugh

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