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I decided not to speak to her last night and have decided i won't be doing family things with her. My girls are my family now and she chose to walk away to her OM. I dont see why she should get to pick and chose what "family" stuff she wants to do.

She's got to learn that she can't make demands of you anymore, she gave up that "right" when she walked out on you.

Birthday parties are a bit different, and i will attend these.. Things like "family" time at the park dont fit well with my mindset.

I agree, birthdays with a group are much different than playing "pretend family" at the park.

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I would have a hard time encountering OM, you may not blame him; however he is a party to tearing apart a family. No decent human being encroaches on that.

You're right, but that's for the WAS to deal with. She's setting up shop with someone who is perfectly willing to mess around with a married woman, so she's fooling herself if she thinks he has any loyalty to her. It's just a matter of time before he's messing around with someone else on her. Sometimes that's not the case and they build a lasting relationship, but based on what I've seen over the years I'd say a WAS/OM relationship has about a 5% chance of lasting much over a year.

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