Hi again,

looking for a little advice on how to handle a call from the WW..

As i mentioned on my last post, the split has affected my 5 year old more than the other 2. She just wants to watch TV and has just gone into her shell.. She really has changed from confident and outgoing last year.

WW has noticed this as well to a degree.

I was going to take all 3 of my girls to Majorca in a month for a week. Last night D5 said she wanted to stay with WW, but i havent seen WW to discuss..

Get a text this AM.

WW: Hiya, can we chat later tonight about girls, summer holidays and things.

Me: would rather text and not sure what you mean by "things"

WW: We need to discuss summer holidays. I also think *D5* can sense you dont like me and she keeps saying we arent friends. Its bothering her.

WW: You got 5 mins now

I didnt reply to the last 2 messages - so she called me anyway...

So in her mind we need to show the kids how we like each other and we are still friends. Her suggestion is that we start doing things as a family together !!!!! (yes WTF !!! ) - An example she gave was "lets all go the park together this weekend".. The girls will then see that we are friends and they will be happier.

I shot this down and point blank refused. Kept the conversation short and just said i didnt want to speak to her full stop - and at the park, and the girls would see this so it would solve nothing - and even if she came the park, i wouldnt be near her anyway, as when at the park i would be interacting with the girls... Not playing happy families with her .

She didnt want to accept this and says its what we should do - and she will call me tonight and discuss further.

I am clear in my mind about this.. I dont want to spend 10 seconds in her company, let alone a park trip.. BUT just mentioned to a person at work who says i need to think about my girls and do this for them.. Let them see mummy and daddy happy together etc.. This really doesnt sit well with me, as i think it will be all fake.

Anybody else been here? thoughts / suggestions?


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